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Notes Of The Sensation In Homoeopathy By Dr. Rajan Sankaran

 This is my second book of Dr. Rajan Sankaran that I read cover to cover, and made notes. The approach of Dr. Rajan Sankaran is so good that even a patient would love to read his book and think about curing themself without help of a doctor — 'coz his approach goes to the core of a human being where disturbance in energy, emotion and sensation arises; then it is matched with one of particular Animal, Plant or Mineral remedy.

The build quality of this book is wonderful, paper quality is awesome and it is properly hardbounded.

Here is what I noted (in my own terms) while reading The Sensation In Homoeopathy By Dr Rajan Sankaran:

Left side is page number.

13 — Recoil case [woman, goat family medicine].
14 — Case, female [chief complaint].
19 — Aurum
22, 24 — New technique of case taking always exists in "chief complaint."

24 — Vital force.
25 — Case taking.
29 — Prescription on mental and general symptom is more useful.
30 — central disturbance — "mental + general" symptoms; pathological and local changes follow later.
30 — There can be no pathology without the central disturbance (mind
31 — Aconite.
31 — Kali Carb.
30 — There can be no pathology without the central disturbance.
31 — Aconite
31 — Kali Carb
31 — Dependence on company: Calc Carb, Phos, Puls, Stram. Anxiety, never content, quarrelsome — Kali Carb. (See Kali Carb in Phatak's Materia Medica).
32 — Fluoric acid [loved ones, strangers]
33 — Mental state, delusion, restriction; delusion creates conditions / restrictions.
34 — Never interpret dream but find out the feeling associated with the case,
37 — Mind and body speaks the same language.
38 — Potency.
38 — Psora (struggle) => Sycosis (fixed, acceptance) => Syphilis (giving up, destruction).
40 — Acute miasm: aconite, belladona, stramonium, veratrum album, hydrogen, lithium carb.
41 — Psoric miasm: sulphur, psorinum, calcarea carb, lycopodium, cuprum met.
41 — Typhoid miasm: chamomlllia, ipecac, acid phos, bryonia, rhus tox, nux vom, bapta, gels, pyrogen.
42 — Sycosis miasm: pathology - asthma, neuroiss, warts, benign growth; remedies (possible) - thuja, medorrhinum, natrum sulph, silica, pulsatila, lac can.
42 — Malarial miasm: pathology - migrane, neuralgia, colic, rhematism, asthma; remedies (possible) - china, natmur, colocynth, antim crud, cina, spigelis.
43 — Ch. of psora: the struggle with anxiety about success.
43 — Ch. of sycosis: fixity feeling of inadequacy within oneself.
43 — Ringworm b/w psora & sycosis: intense itching + dormant acceptance, fixity. Ringworm remedies (possible) - calc sul, calc sil, ringworm, mag sul.
44 — Syphilic remedies: syphilinum, merc sol, aurum, hepar sulph, platina, plumbum, baryta carb.
45 — Cancer - over exertion than one's own calibre. Cancer remedies (possible) - carcinosin, ars alb, anacardium, ignatia, nit ac, kali ars, conium, staph.
46 — Tubercular remedies: tuberculinum, drosera, phosphorus, calc phos,tarentula, abrotanum.
46 — Leprous miasm remedies: hura, sec cor, aloe, coca, curare, sol-t-oe, iodum.
47 — Arg met
47 — Aurum met
47 — Periodic table: as the atomic weight of each metal increases, remedy level of issue of performance also increases, e.g., arg met > cuprum> aurum.
48 — Mineral kingdom.

51 — Animal kingdom.
54 — Psorinum [struggle].
54 — Medorrhinum [inadequacy].
54 — Syphilinum [hopelessness].
54 — Disease isn't a collection of symptoms but a state = plant / animal / mineral speaking through the human being; doctor needs to understand the language.
72,74,84 — Argentum Nitricum.
74 — Case; Argentum Nitricum [disappointment in love].
79 — Case; Kali Nitricum [mole, backache, depression, menses].
85 — Case; Kali Nit [menstrual bleeding].
90 — Case; Kali Nit [hair fall, greying].
106 — Case; Kali bichromicum [eczema, migraine, colitis, bowel syndrome] + Cali carb (109).
113,132 — Case; mercurius.
107 — Case; Latrodectus Mactans [cuts himself].
# — China [phobic neurosis].
122 — Getting state of the patient.
127 — Lachesis, Ars Alb [typhoid fever].
# — Polychrests in Homoeopathy (they've value nearly in all infections).
130 — Sensation and action (e.g., urge to murder, caused by which type of sensation?).
130 — V. good insight for case taking.
131 — Sensation and action are equal and opposite, S <=> A.
132,133 — Platina.
132 — Staph.
132 — If a patient says that he feels like killing somebody, one is automatically alert for his sensation that is being killed.
132 — Case; Secale Cor [leprosy, suppression, abandonment].
133 — Secale Cor is one of the best remedy for leprosy.
133 — Secale Cor [delirium, abandonment, forsaken feeling, contemptuous, relation for mocking].
133 — Platina [contemptuous, scornful, ailment from scorn, being scorned,
feeling of being scorned].
134 — The opposite is equally true of whatever is said.
134 — Argentum Nitricum and Argentum Mettalicum, they are best for public speaker, fear of public.
137 — Hyoscyamus [sensitivity to jealousy & possessiveness].
137 — Rubric: striking, knocking his head against the wall; remedies - apis, ars,
bae, bell, con, hypos, mag-c, mill, ozone, phos, rhus-t, scut, syph, tub.
138 — Drosera [trapped, suffocation, public speaker, Hitler case].
138 — Three rules & two corollaries [3R: 1) if there is an action, the sensation must be equal and opposite, 2) the opposite is equally true of whatever is said,
3) there is no one, nothing but myself. 2C: 1) buy the book to know things in detail, 2) victim and aggressor are two sides of the same coin. ]
142 — Being suffocated - Rosaceae family / tubercular miasm.
142 — Vexations & excitement (being oppressive) - Ranunculaceae family; oppressive tubercular.
142 — Cimicifuga.
142 — Suffocated + stuck = malaria miasm / Rosaceae family.
142 — Suffocated + no way out = syphilitic miasm / Rosaceae family.
143 — feeling of injury = compositae family.
143 — Two aspects of disease = #) type of disease (natural kingdom), #) depth of disease (miasm).
148 — Case; cough-two aspects, 3) blank out (sensations), #) come time to time.
149 — stuck + cough time-2-time = malaria miasm + Solanaceae family.
149 — Mangifera [sycotic remedy, from Anacardiaceae family; caught / stiff / stuck].

154 — Sycotic attitude.
162 — Conifer plant family = sensitivity to split / break/ tear apart.
163 — Breaking /spliting / tearing apart from himself like glass.
165 — Case; Thuja [scyotic, conifer family; prostate gland].
177 — Sensation of being pushed out / forced out = Liliiflorae family. Compare, Veratrum.
183 — Case; Veratrum Album [depression, insecurity, fear, anxiety, panic].
193 — Sycotic trait: yellowishness, mark on shirt's colar.
196 — Case; Lac can [sycotic miasm, throat inflammation, animal kingdom].
197 — Case; Lac Defloratum [anorexia, nausea, weakness, depression, sycotic].
198 — We become either weaker of powerful in the area we are sensitive.
240 — accepted / restricted, sycotic miasm.
247 — Cannabis Indica [foot swelling, sycotic].
312 — Drosera [she says, lizard as being sticky].
312 — Limenitis Bredowii [she says, I've metamorphosed into cabbage].
323 — Malaria miasm [patient says, it comes in the way of my work].
323 — Leprosy miasm [patient says, it's dirty and everyone rejects me].
323 — Syphilis miasm [patient says, it's destroying my life].
336 — Level (from seven levels) & potency (of medicine) slection.
337 — Hand gesture.
351 — Victim - aggressor: animal remedy.
353 — Lac defloratum [malaria miasm, headache].
377 — Piper meth [Lichen Planus].
388, 390 — Case; Sumbul [young boy, suicidal].
392 — Case; Rhus Radicans [auto immune hepatitis].
397 — Acute -> malaria miasm -> Anacardiaceae family -> Rhus Radicans.
397 — Confirming plantfamily remedy by asking questions.
398 — Vermeulens Concordant materia medica.

419 — Case; Rattus.
438 — Case; Baryta carb [depression].
439 — Case; Tantalum Metallicum [eczema].
437 — Baryta carb; cautious, don't like to be teased, made fun of, don't play with others, keep to himself.
463 — Case; Apis [urticaria].
466 — Victim aggressor sensation.
468 — Case taking: know the energy, sensation, kingdom and the situation.
468 — Non human specific alert.
471 — Apis for urticaria type eruption.
472 — Competition or survival: either they or me.
476 — The survival of insect depends upon on its being active, sexual, attacking suddenly with great violence, because the life of an insect is v. short and it has to reproduce very quick, there is a lots of sexual activity.
476 — Cantharis [Spanish fly is a well known aphrodisiac].
477 — Train your ears to hear non-human specific song in people.
477 — Remedies for the insect class (list).
478 — Apis 1m, 3 hourly.
479 — Insect qualities: Impulsive, instinctive.
480 — Case; Atrax Robustus [Asthma].
495 — Case; Rhus Tox [Lyme's disease].
514 — Venus Mercenaria.
515 — Dioscorea [dysmenorrhea].
517 — Err, disregard what patient says and move into remedy.
517 — Things about lost case.
520 — How sensations keep on the right track.
532 — Reference work program software.
532 — Dioscorea [Yam family, weak plant to twist itself to climb on the another plant tree / plant. Re-read for better insight].
536 — Alumina [female, depression].
540 — Degree of desperation - Syphilis or never Syphilis.
543 — Alumina [confusion of identity].
548 — Third row in periodic table for identity includes, Nat, Magnesium, Alumina, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, Argon.
583 — Case; Argentum Nitricum [orbital].
557 — Case; Thuja [sycotic miasm; sore throat & indigestion].
576 — Art of asking questions and reaching to the source of the remedies. V.good.

605 — Croton tig [dancer, asthma].
625 — Kali carb [vertigo].
641 — If the fear is intense, delusion has to come.
642 — Kali carb; "kali" has absolutely no structure, in "calcarea" the structure has begun to develop.
647 — Acute sensation (it may be any miasm).
648 — Case; Alumina [diarrhea, unable to do what she wanted to do, confusion].
650 — Calcarea carb [delusion, fear, anxiety].
654 — Veratrum Album [eczema, fear of being excluded and fear of losing social position; egotism boasting].
659 — Children cases often require higher potency, coz they are in energy.
660 — Tarentula [eruption, infection, fever].
662 — Colocynth [cold, cough, tonsillitis].

Note: This book is worth purchasing no matter who you are, a doctor or a patient. There are plenty of cases in it, and things are being understood well via the cases. And in every profession, reading lots and lots of cases is very important — it helps to understand the reason why a particular medicine works for a patient and doesn't work for the other. And steps and depth of Case Taking is also explained. I enjoyed this book a lot.


Admin to Vivek soni [ Pls choose anyone you know better about.]

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